Saturday, 31 December 2011

lg 2 jam 15 min lbig kurang la dh nk nw year..
but i still the same person..
still curi2 tgk wall dia...
what i hoping hah??
i dont know..
no idea..
just to satisfy my self maybe...
juz to take care my hearth...

Thursday, 29 December 2011

arini dh 30 dec 2011..end of this year..
but my feeling not end yet..
i feel terrible...
how to forget ___
dh 2 ari xcontct...
no masej at all...
___ never think about thaz mybe.. to remove ___ from my mind my dream
and my world also...
YA ALLAH protect me...give a strength to face all this
it almost 3 years....

Saturday, 17 December 2011

today early in the morning i wake up wif new spirit...hahaha
to done my work within this one whole day..
i got property management, law (assessment rate), bel (slide report writing),
and the important task is my final project:-(
can i do all this tasks within 1 day??
huahuahua..gud luck myself ^_______^

i will start my new life right now! huhuhu

arini my first day create benda nie..
i create this sbb kpla i dh sakit gile xleh nk pk benda y logik tok wt asiment..
erm so thing tis is the right thing to do...